What is the best-selling reason of steel strand in life?

            When an item is put into society and practiced, the first consideration should be the income from the benefits he brings. The same is true for steel strands. In terms of production, application, etc., it is Is the benefit greater than this, or is it greater than the profit? Experts on these aspects have also discussed the cost of steel strands. When the strands are not on the market, experts are considering how much to use to sell (Sales), while selling , neither loss nor the price that the public can accept.

 In the manufacturing process of stranded wire strands, a plurality of steel wires are twisted into a product by a stranding machine, and the prestressed steel strands need to be continuously stabilized after forming, and the final product is generally collected on a wheel or a shaftless roll. Completed. In the end, according to the "Engineering Artificial Material (machinery) data (data) standard" reference price, the steel strand according to different classification (Classification), the price is not the same, the general ordinary steel strand Line, according to the length to calculate the price, in the range of 1 ~ 5000, the price of the coated steel strand above will be a little higher than the ordinary strand, do not think that the price is low, once the steel strand is used, the amount he needs can Speaking a lot, the added price is a bit expensive, but the public is still acceptable.

 Because the price is moderate, the effect is very good, and there are certain applications in many fields. The rise of this industry has made many people benefit from the strands, making our life more stable, safer and more safe for the Chinese. More security. Especially in the architecture industry, his scope (fàn wéi) is the most extensive in this industry. It also involves to-loaded cables, cables, reinforcing cores, overhead transmission lines, etc., on bridges. Applying zinc-plated steel strands, he gives maximum endurance, reduces bridge collapse, increases stability, and makes the bridge life longer. This is the most successful example of steel strand application. . The scope of application is indeed large, but it does not mean that if you want to use steel strands, you can apply it. This is not acceptable. Its role seems to be simple. When it is used, it should be calculated strictly. It is a difficult problem in the mathematics world, and it must have superb theoretical thinking and geometric thinking. While using steel strands, it must calculate the tensile force that it can withstand when it is constructed. It needs to measure accurately. It is most suitable to calculate the length of steel strands, to maximize the effect, and to calculate the two ends of the strands. The fixed distance of the spear, as well as the tension jack (Jack0's job length, and at the same time, attention, the load capacity of the strand is 4 to 5 times the traction, this point must be noted, this is In the middle of it, otherwise, it will lose the effect it represents.