What is the use of prestressed steel strands?

  Prestressed steel strands are stranded from multiple steel wires and are among the most widely used of all strand types. There are many kinds of prestressed steel strands, such as unbonded prestressed steel strands, warm bonded prestressed steel strands and galvanized prestressed steel strands. The performance of different prestressed steel strands is large. not the same.

According to the number of steel wires in each steel strand, it can be roughly divided into 2 wire steel stranded wire, 3 wire steel stranded wire, 7 wire steel stranded wire and 19 wire steel stranded wire; according to the surface shape of the prestressed steel stranded wire, it can be divided. For: smooth steel strands, scored steel strands, die-drawn steel strands and epoxy coated steel strands. In the market, our most common prestressed steel strands should be galvanized steel strands, and it is also the most widely used in major construction projects.


So, what is the use of prestressed steel strands? Xiaobian simply mentions a few examples, such as the die-drawn steel strands we mentioned above. The role of this kind of prestressed steel strands is to upgrade the project, and it will be used in places like nuclear power plants. The galvanized steel strands we mentioned, because of the galvanized layer on the surface, protect the steel strands, and are usually used in bridge construction to prevent rain and rust from rushing for a long time.


In addition to the very large effect, the storage of prestressed steel strands should also be noted, must not be stored in a humid place, to avoid rust and corrosion on the surface of the strand, try to store in a dry place. If the conditions are not allowed, you must also build a sleeper under the steel strand, or put a moisture-proof board and other objects, must not rain. If it is not stored properly, and there are signs of rust on the surface, be sure to transfer the storage location immediately. Because once the rust is serious, it will corrode the inside of the steel strand. If it goes on for a long time, there will be a small pit. At this time, there is no way to put it into use, and it can only be scrapped. A customer of Chunpeng Tianjin Strand Factory has had such a problem. Because it was not stored as required, a large number of steel strands were rusted and corroded, causing heavy losses.


Therefore, Xiao Bian advises everyone that whether it is from production or storage, it must be done in strict accordance with the requirements, not careless. Otherwise, the bamboo basket will be filled with water.